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1:1 Coaching Program

Service 1

Who is this program for?

  • anyone experiencing chronic gut issues like IBS, IBD, gas, bloating and cramps

  • if you've been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition

  • if you have chronic fatigue, experience afternoon energy crashes, trouble getting out of bed & lacking motivation

  • if you have PCOS, hormonal imbalances irregular periods, painful periods, hormonal acne 

  • just coming off of birth control or plan to soon

  • struggle to fall asleep & stay asleep at night

  • if you aren't sure what it means to "eat healthy", lack the time or motivation to fuel your body with real foods, need recipe & meal prep ideas

  • want to address toxic burden, bacterial overgrowth, heavy metals and parasties

Service 2

What will we cover?

  • getting to the root cause of your symptoms and healing them for good

  • adequate nutrition for you, creating healthy habits and routines that will fit into your life

  • addressing hormonal imbalances, painful periods, missing periods and PMS

  • tracking your cycle, being more in tune with your body and how you can sync your cycle to your life

  • nervous system regulation & stress management practices you will actually stick to

  • education on using clean personal care products and removing toxins from your home

  • functional lab testing (HTMA test included) to determine mineral deficiencies and stress response

Service 3

what's included?

  • 3-6 month personalized plan

  • bi-weekly 1:1 zoom calls

  • HTMA testing (included), functional stool testing (optional add on) & lab interpretation

  • constant support via text / email

  • main focus & goal each week to make sure you stay consistent and are creating sustainable habits

  • full accountability and support from me

  • step by step plan determined from the lab results

  • healthy weekly recipe ideas created to fit your lifestyle

  • unlimited access to the course with resource guides, shopping lists & more

  • guided meditations & yoga classes

contact me for the full package guide & pricing plans
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