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Approved Products

Healthy living doesn't only mean the improving the quality of food you eat, but also the products you use daily. I am SO passionate non toxic living and highly value using clean products in my home.  Researching companies and using only the best of the best, sustainable and clean products is so important to me. These are some of my favorite supplements and health products I use daily for myself and with my clients. 

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iii Earth Supplements

I cannot recommend these products enough. They changed my life. They use cellular absorption technology and liposomal delivery making these more absorbable than any other supplement. Vitalité, Immune, Revive and Purifi are in my daily regimen.

Pique Tea

I am obsessed with this matcha. It is the only matcha I will drink. Quadruple tested for purity! I also love their BT fountain electrolytes. 

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Clearstem Skincare

These products drastically changed my life when I was dealing with cystic acne post birth control and I still use it daily. I have every single product and love them all!!

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Hello Ned

Magnesium is one of the few supplements I recommend to almost every single client of mine. Ned's Mellö Magnesium is the best of the best! They are also my go to for sustainable, high quality CBD products. You'll sleep like a baby with this stuff!

Use code 'naturallyally' for a discount.

Wild Pastures Meat

100 grass fed + grass finished beef from regenertaive farms delivered right to your door. Wild Pastures has been an absolute life saver for me making sure I have healthy meals ready to go every single week.

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Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Pack

If you're a menstruating woman, you need a castor oil pack! This is an amazing way to support your liver and regulate your hormones. You'll have the best sleep of your life and healthy bowels too!.

Use code 'naturally_ally_10' to save 10%.

Zuma Supplements

Great tinctures for liver support, gentle cleansing and I love their trace minerals.

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Just Thrive

My go to spore based probiotic, they also have great IgG for immune health and prebiotics.

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Four Sigmatic Coffee

The only coffee you'll catch me drinkin'! It's tested for purity, mold free and USDA organic. They also contain medicinal mushrooms making this an amazing superfood coffee. I don't trust any other mushroom brands on the market but Four Sigmatic knows what they're doing!

Use code 'ally10' to save!

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Shop my Amazon storefront to find all of my other favorites, kitchen items, teas and recommendations!

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