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Holistic Health Coach
& Gut Health Specialist

Salve Regina University | B.S Biology

Rishikesh Yoga School | 200hr RYT (registered yoga teacher)

Herbal Academy | Intermediate Herbalist 

HWCA | Holistic Health Coach

HWCA | Certified Gut Health Specialist

After going through university and graduating with a degree majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry, I thought I was heading to medical school next. That is, until I decided to stop taking hormonal birth control and my own health completely plummeted. I was diagnosed with PCOS and IBS, my skin was covered in breakouts, I couldn't eat a single thing without looking pregnant and being in pain, I had low energy, brain fog and no motivation. I was gaining weight uncontrollably even though I was always active and I started to experience anxiety and depression for the first time in my life. Doct

I spent the next 8 years traveling the world as I tried to heal my body holistically. I studied yoga, meditation and breathwork in India, I studied Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine in India and Southeast Asia, I learned herbalism in the jungles of Costa Rica and Panama and studied Indigenous plant medicines throughout Mexico and Guatemala. 

Throughout all of my travels I developed a deeper understanding of how to truly life a healthy life. Which isn't simply what food your consuming - but healing your mind, body and soul.These experiences have shaped who I am and what I preach today. I was able to heal my body without medications and have never felt better my whole life as I do now in my 30's.

Now, my mission in life is to help women manage their symptoms so that they don't have to go through the struggles, confusion and frustrations that I did when trying to heal. 

About Ally

  • Do I have to eat a certain way to do one of your programs?
    Absolutely not! This is open to everyone and anyone. I will not force you to eat any certain way. I do not have a very dogmatic approach to nutrition. I will focus on educating and empowering you on how to make the best choices for YOU. We are all so different!
  • How long does the program take?
    3-6 months depending on what you choose.
  • What do your clients typically experience after working with you?
    After working with me, my clients have been able to finally ditch their IBS symptoms they have struggled with for years. They can finally find food freedom and enjoy eating out without the anxiety and added stress of feeling bloated and crappy afterwards. Clients also find that they have more energy, sleep better, have clearer skin, less PMS, lose weight and just a general feeling of well being and excitement they've been lacking for so long!
  • What is the functional lab testing?
    HTMA or hair tissue mineral analysis is included in the poggram. This will tell us about heavy metals and mineral deficiencies. There is also the option to add on the GI MAP stool test. This is a very extensive microbiome assessment that will help us determine if you have poor microbial diversity, any pathogen overgrowth, parasites or fungus. It can also indicate inflammation, a weak gut lining or many other factors that will give us a more accurate insight into your gut health.
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